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What is EPPIC?

EPPIC is a global, not-for-profit network of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology entrepreneurs and professionals dedicated to their professional and entrepreneurship growth. EPPIC provides a platform for mentoring, networking & education, to professionals & entrepreneurs.     page top

What does EPPIC stand for?

EPPIC stands for "Enterprising Pharmaceutical Professionals from the Indian Sub-Continent", reflecting the background of the individuals who chartered the organization in 1998. Over time, EPPIC has come to represent "Talent, Ideas and Enterprise" or ‘The Innovative Ecosystems’ through its activities and influences. page top

How and when was EPPIC started?

The concept of EPPIC was born at the middle of 1998. The idea originated with the objective of sharing and giving back to society. Initially a small group of individuals launched EPPIC with quarterly dinner meetings, which, in turn, attracted more members.

EPPIC remains a unique volunteer driven organization, with the single-minded focus on its objective.     page top

What is the mission and objective of EPPIC?

EPPIC’s mission is to foster and advance entrepreneurship across the globe. Its principle objective is to provide a platform on which people with entrepreneurial spirit and those interested in economic value creation can come together to share ideas. EPPIC endeavors to cultivate and nurture the ecosystems of entrepreneurship and free-market economics everywhere, as it sees this to be the single most powerful instrument of prosperity.   page top

What is EPPIC’s philosophical base?

EPPIC's philosophical base is a compatible blend of the Silicon Valley culture of economic value creation through Entrepreneurship, and the ancient Indian tradition of Guru / Shishya or Teacher / Disciple relationship. This enables very productive networking and mentoring relationships among and between experienced and budding entrepreneurs and professionals through the two-way exchange of value in experience and knowledge.

EPPIC’s Philosophical Framework  is to:

  • Create an open, inclusive, and transparent organization 
  • Provide positive leadership role models
  • Emphasize value-creation through informed entrepreneurship
  • Maintain high ethical standards
  • Display rigorous, intellectually honest behavior
  • Pursue a modern, scientific and forward looking approach
  • Remain socially responsible
  • Do not tolerate pettiness, divisiveness and corruption
  • Strive to remain an idea and value-driven organization       page top

Does EPPIC have any religious or political objectives?

No! EPPIC does not engage in political or religious activities or any matters that may create divisiveness among people.    page top

Why do EPPIC dinner meetings fees cost so much?

EPPIC is a non-profit and it is our endeavor to keep our costs down with an all-volunteer team. We run our meetings in a professional environment and our Charter members and industry sponsorship subsidies our meeting costs, as such the meeting fees do not cover the costs of these meetings!     page top

Is EPPIC a venture/investment organization?

No! EPPIC is not a venture/investments organization. However, EPPIC members, through their network relationships, often invest in companies with EPPIC affiliations. EPPIC also does not endorse any investments, even though companies are presented at EPPIC events. EPPIC has facilitated venture investment by providing a platform for entrepreneurs and VC funds to come together. page top

Is EPPIC engaged in any educational Ties?

EPPIC conducts a number of workshops on both hard and soft skills.    page top

Is EPPIC engaged in direct charitable activities?

EPPIC is not directly engaged in any charitable activities. However, various EPPIC affiliated individuals are involved with charitable organizations of their personal choice. EPPIC encourages all such efforts and takes pride in the initiatives of the members to give back to the communities at large.  page top

What are EPPIC's accomplishments?

In addition to the impressive membership, we believe we have a number of achievements to our credit. By facilitating ideas to germinate into actual businesses, EPPIC has created wealth and helped boost the global economy. With EPPIC's continued growth we are confident that this figure will continue to increase. Also, we strive to proactively initiate new programs to give value to all our constituent members.    page top

How is EPPIC helping the other regions of the world?

With a global outlook, EPPIC has established chapters in the US and India. EPPIC has brought together entrepreneurs, business people, government policy makers, professional service providers, academics, and the media with the objective of enhancing the professional and entrepreneurial climate of the respective areas. page top

EPPIC’s long-term goals…the future of EPPIC?

EPPIC aspires to continue the expansion of its chapters and membership worldwide, while maintaining a clear focus on its objectives and philosophies. EPPIC will therefore continue to encourage and support the efforts and spirit of entrepreneurship everywhere. EPPIC aims to continue its pivotal role in the formulation of sound ecosystems for regional and national economic growth through private enterprise.

EPPIC has access to a large pool of intellectual capital and would like to leverage this to influence public policy around the world. The objective is to create wealth by creating an environment for establishing global businesses.                                                                                                                                                          page top

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